Boston Science Train

I created Science Train (in Boston, at least) to bring science to the people, to those who may not have the time/money to engage with it otherwise. 

Once a month, me and some other scientists hop onto Boston public transit and converse with riders about science. We answer questions, teach the basics, engage in civil debate, debunk myths, and hear about riders' own science.

If you're a scientist and would like to join us, feel free to reach out! The more the merrier.

BU Observatory Open Nights


Every Wednesday, the BU Observatory hosts Open Night, where members of the public can come up to our roof and look through telescopes. We look at whatever cool stuff is up that night: planets, the moon, star clusters, nebulae, binaries.

We answer any and all questions about what we're looking at, space in general,  research going on in the department, and the PhD program in general.

Keep tabs on their Twitter for tickets. Be warned: they go fast!