The Journey

My trip will take me from the start of Route 1 in Fort Kent, Maine, all the way down to the end of Route 1 in the Florida Keys. I'm not actually following Route 1 all the way, but it's a fun, symbolic beginning and end to the journey.

Along the way I'll be stopping in (or simply passing through) at least 44 cities/towns and 14 states, across ~3,200 miles. 

The longest day is about 146 miles from Philly to Baltimore, though I'm reconsidering this trip because it's so long... Technically, the longest is 161 miles from Boston to New Bedford, but it includes a ~54 mile ferry, so it doesn't really count. The shortest day is 35 miles from Titusville to Cape Canaveral. I'll be spending a lot of time here so I can (hopefully!) catch the launch of NASA's Europa Clipper on a Falcon Heavy!

Here is a link to a collection of all 43 days of cycling on RideWithGPS, the app I'm using to map all of my rides. You can see more info about each day's ride and any photos I've posted. 

Some simple little graphs for the daily conditions for each day of the trip. This includes distance, elevation gained/lost, sunrise/sunset times, daylight hours, temperatures, chance of the day being "muggy" (or worse), the chance of rain, and wind conditions. Eventually I'll probably add the actual conditions for each day, just to compare to what was expected.

Once the trip concludes I'll add metrics like speed and heart rate. Let me know what else I should track!